2024 Entry - £120
(plus payment processing fee)

Optional Extras:

Event T-Shirt - £10 (pre-order only)
1/4 Zip Sweatshirt - £35 (pre-order only)


SENIOR - Ages 16 to 39
VETERAN - Ages 40 to 49
GRAND VETERAN - Ages 50 to 59
All categories are based on riders' age on 31/12/2024


  • Accurate Electronic Chip Timing

  • Camping from Friday to Monday

  • On-site Showers

  • Event HQ Facilities & Parking

  • On-Site Catering

  • Full Route Marking

  • Prizes for Category Winners

  • Bike Wash Facilities

  • First Aid Support

  • Feed Stations

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What bike do I need?
Lauf Gritfest is open to all off-road bikes. While it is aimed primarily at Gravel & Adventure bikes, which are essentially fat tyred drop bar bikes.
But if you have a mountain bike, cyclocross bike or even a single-speed fat bike tandem then you are welcome!
How do the timed stages work?
The timed stages will be clearly marked and you will be timed using a chip that will be on your wrist. You will not need to stop, or dib in at the finish, however we will have finish sections in a way that is designed to slow riders down to cross the line.
Do I have to race?
Lauf Gritfest is as serious a race as you make it. You can try and beat your mate, try to beat everyone or just sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery around the area.
What will be on the feed stations?
In addition to to usual well stocked feed stations we are excited to be working with Precision Fuel & Hydration for the upcoming event. They will be on-site across the weekend to give nutrition and fueling advise for the weekends racing.
How fit do I need to be?
With approximately 125km across the 2 days, you will need a certain level of fitness to finish. Each day there is a considerable amount of climbing.
What camping facilities will be on site?
There will be decent toilets & showers, plus drinking water on site.
We kindly ask everyone to take their own rubbish away with them. There are no chemical waste facilities on-site.
Can I use an e-bike?
Yes, although e-bikes will not be eligible for prizes. Please ensure that you have a bike that can cover the distance, and height gain each day. The climbing in particular can reduce the battery range significantly. So long as you understand the potential limitations, you can take part, and we would welcome you at Gritfest.
Can I use a singlespeed?
Hell yes! Just don't brag about it.
What food will be available?
We will have several catering outlets at the event and have worked closely with them all for a number of years.
Expect good quality, tasty and nutritious food that will keep your energy levels up. There is pizza too! :)
Will there be a bar?
Yes, we have Stokh brewery on site.
Can I bring my family?
Yes! We are actively trying to make the event a fun weekend away for everyone. So long as you are all staying in the same tent/caravan/motorhome then your family can come for free!
Are dogs allowed?
Yes, although being a rural area with sheep & animals never that far away it is really important that you keep them under strict control and always clean up after them.
Will it be loud at night?
There will be live music and entertainment on going until 10pm on Friday & Saturday night, but there will be a quiet camping area that is furthest away from the main area.


Event Rules

  • Anyone found to be riding under another person’s entry will be instantly removed from the results. It is a breach of our event insurance and we can not accept anyone who has not entered and is riding in their own name.
  • Helmets are mandatory. Anyone caught riding without a helmet will be removed from the event immediately.
  • Technical assistance from a non-racers must only permitted at feed stations. Bikes changes are not allowed.
  • Riders are free to help each other while out on course, but swapping bikes is not allowed.
  • All styles of bikes are allowed and there is no restriction on tyre or wheel size.
  • e-bikes are allowed, but will not be eligible for prizes. Motor pacing behind an e-bike on timed stages is not allowed. It is the responsibility of the rider alone to manage battery life.
  • Littering is not allowed and any rider caught leaving litter will be immediately penalised

  • Penalties

  • Anyone caught missing a section of the course will be disqualified immediately.
  • Anyone caught dropping litter on purpose will be immediately disqualified. This includes discarding gel wrappers.
  • Anyone who disobeys a marshall will be disqualified immediately.
  • Anyone caught overtaking dangerously will have a 2 minute time penalty as a first offence and disqualification as a second offence.
  • Anyone who break any rules and laws while riding on public highways will be immediately disqualified. We ask that all riders ride in a manner that is safe and courteous at all times.